Executive Director of the Regional Office for Cross-border Cooperation Oradea since 2015, hosting the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg V-A ROHU Programme and the First Level Control for Romanian beneficiaries, Mrs Banu is highly experienced in the cross-border cooperation on the Romanian – Hungarian border, in the context of both pre-accession and structural programmes.

Executive Director – Development Programmes Department within Arad County Council since 2013, Mrs Chiricheu is also member of programming and monitoring committees of the cooperation programmes on the Romanian-Hungarian border and has been involved in the elaboration and implementation of more than 30 projects with European funding, of which 10 under CBC Programmes.

Vice-Rector of the University of Oradea, former Dean of Faculty of Economic Sciences, Professor of European Economics and Regional Economics, Department of Economics and Business, Manager/Coordinator of 20 university’s projects financed from European funds, including the project “The Entrepreneurship and the Equality of Chances. An Inter-Regional Model of Entrepreneurial School for Women” recognized as a good practice example by the European Commission and OECD.

Director of the Arboretum of Szarvas, Hungary, Dr. Hanyecz is the innovative and experienced project manager of the ROHU project Greening Footprints (GREEFOP), implemented in the field of Conserving natural heritage (6/c).

Project coordinator in several development initiatives of Satu Mare County Council, Mr Jankó Szép István has been involved in the preparation and monitoring of the cross border cooperation programmes between Romania and Hungary since 2007.

Executive Director of the Regional Office for Cross-border Cooperation Timisoara since 2005, Mrs Lolescu is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the cross-border cooperation programmes between Romania and the Republic of Serbia at regional level. Her educational background in engineering has provided the foundation for the Master`s Degree in Regional Development.

Executive Director of the Department for Management of Projects with International Financing within Oradea City Hall, Mr Moș has been part of the Oradea success story in attracting funding. He has great experience in project management and has been involved in the design and implementation of many important development projects.

Mr Géza Molnár is tender supervisor working on behalf of the Körös-Maros National Park Directorate. As a project manager, he has been involved in coordinating the cross-border, international projects of the Directorate for several years.


Medical expert, winner of the “Medical Team of the Year” trophy at the Romanian Healthcare Awards 2020 with the team from Municipal Emergency Clinical Hospital Timișoara, Mrs Oprea has been involved in the project “Cross-border cooperation in the prevention and complex treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases in Békés-Timiș counties”, supported by the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme.

Head of Staff Management within Körösök Valley Nature Park Association and Vice-president of Hungarian Nature Park Association, involved in activities aimed to introduce and put into practice the environmentally conscious approach, Ms Pocsi contributed to the development of the Köröskosár local shopping community and Ligeti Vásár local producer market.